Volume 16 (2020)
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16.1Andrew R. TalbertThe Synonymous Rendering of Aristotelian φιλέω with ἀγαπάω in the Gospel of John
16.2Andrew Simmonds'His Blood on Us and on Our Children' (Mt. 27.25) is Modeled on Oedipus's Unwitting Kinship Oath to His Father in Sophocles' Oedipus Tyrannus
16.3Michael J.G. Gray-FowPomponia Graecina: How Could She Have Heard about Christians and What Did 'Christian' Mean?
16.4Doosuk KimRomans 14 and Impurity in the Mishnah
16.5Stuart SquiresJerome's View of the Connection between the Priscillianists and Pelagians
16.6Jeffrey M. HubbardFlipped Scripts in Hermas's Erotic Dreams: A Reading of the Shepherd's Virgins in Light of Roman Oneiric Literature
16.7Christopher M. HansenLord Raglan's Hero and Jesus: A Rebuttal to Methodologically Dubious Uses of the Raglan Archetype
16.8Nathan NadeauThe First Pauline Chronologist? Probably Not: A Review of Ryan Schellenberg's 'The First Pauline Chronologist' from a Bayesian Perspective
16.9Sanghwan LeeDefending Multilingual Galilee from its Literary and Archaeological Objections
16.10Craig S. KeenerWedding Torches