Volume 17 (2021)
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17.1Klaus VibeFreedom from Necessity in Philo of Alexandria's Ethical Thought
17.2Sanghwan LeeAn Illiterate Fisherman and Impressive Letter: A Dialogue with Bart D. Ehrman
17.3Lydia McGrewTime and Narrative: Clarity and Chronology in Reading the Gospels
17.4Lydia McGrewTruth, Historiography, and the Gospels’ Genre: Classical and Patristic Considerations
17.5George P. CarrasJewish Sensibilities in the Lukan Paul, the Historical Paul and Josephan Judaism
17.6Andrew SimmondsJudas Iscariot and Joseph of Arimathea: Two Gentile Graves for Two Jewish Corpses
17.7David H. WenkelMilitary Camps around Jerusalem and the Meaning of Στρατόπεδον in Luke 21.20
17.8John-Christian EurellThe Saying Attributed to Jesus in Acts 20.35