Volume 5 (2008)
This volume is now available in print from Sheffield Phoenix Press
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5.1Stanley E. Porter and Andrew W. PittsPaul’s Bible, His Education and His Access to the Scriptures of Israel
5.2Craig S. KeenerThree Notes on Figurative Language: Inverted Guilt in Acts 7.55-60, Paul’s Figurative Vote in Acts 26.10, Figurative Eyes in Galatians 4.15
5.3Jae Hyun LeeAgainst Richard B. Hays’s ‘Faith of Jesus Christ’
5.4Jintae KimTargum Isaiah 53 and the New Testament Concept of Atonement
5.5Michael WojciechowskiAesopic Tradition in the New Testament
5.6Hans FoersterThe Celebration of the Baptism of Christ by the Basilideans and the Origin of Epiphany: Is the Seemingly Obvious Correct?
5.7Jeffrey L. Staley, Matthew Forrest Lowe, Michael W. Pahl, Anne Moore and Paul N. AndersonJohn Versus Jesus? Reviews of The Fourth Gospel And The Quest For Jesus by Paul N. Anderson and the Author’s Response
5.8Mariusz RosikThe Greek Motif of the Cyclic Journey in the Gospel of Luke
5.9Stephen J. BedardHellenistic Influence on the Idea of Resurrection in Jewish Apocalyptic Literature
5.10Jake O’ConnellDid Greco-Roman Apparitional Models Influence Luke’s Resurrection Narrative? A Response to Deborah Thompson Prince
5.11David Instone-Brewer and Philip A. HarlandJewish Associations in Roman Palestine: Evidence from the Mishnah