Volume 1 (2000)
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1.1Pieter W. Van der HorstAncient Jewish Bibliomancy
1.2Amphilochios PapathomasA New Testimony to the Letter to the Hebrews
1.3Chrys C. CaragounisDionysios Halikarnasseus, the Art of Composition and the Apostle Paul
1.4Shaye J.D. CohenFalse Prophets (4Q339), Netinim (4Q340), and Hellenism at Qumran
1.5Craig A. EvansMark's Incipit and the Priene Calendar Inscription: From Jewish Gospel to Greco-Roman Gospel
1.6Stanley E. Porter and Brook W.R. PearsonWhy the Split? Christians and Jews by the Fourth Century
1.7Anders RunessonParticularistic Judaism and Universalistic Christianity? Some Critical Remarks on Terminology and Theology
1.8Al WoltersA Semantic Study of αὐθέντης and its Derivatives
1.9Michael Knowles'Wide is the Gate and Spacious the Road that Leads to Destruction': Matthew 7.13 in Light of Archaeological Evidence