Volume 10 (2014)
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10.1Craig S. KeenerFirst-Person Claims in Some Ancient Historians and Acts
10.2Lincoln H. BlumellThe Message and the Medium: Some Observations on Epistolary Communication in Late Antiquity
10.3John Granger Cook Matthew 5.39 and 26.67: Slapping Another's Cheek in Ancient Mediterranean Culture
10.4Jennifer ShackA Text without 1 Corinthians 14.34-35? Not according to the Manuscript Evidence
10.5Jordan HendersonJosephus's' Life and Jewish War Compared to the Synoptic Gospels
10.6William VarnerA 'Majority' Reading for James 3.3 Supported by Both External and Internal Evidence
10.7Cynthia Long WestfallThe Meaning of αὐθεντέω in 1 Timothy 2.12
10.8Adam Z. WrightRecognizing Jesus: A Study of Recognition Scenes in the Gospel of Mark
10.9James M. PetitfilsMartial Moses in Flavian Rome: Josephus's Antiquities 2-4 and Exemplary Roman Leadership