Volume 12 (2016)
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12.1Seth M. Ehorn and Mark LeeThe Syntactical Function of ἀλλὰ καί in Phil. 2.4
12.2Matthew OsekaAttentive to the Context: The Generic Name of God in The Classic Jewish Lexica and Grammars of the Middle Ages—A Historical and Theological Perspective
12.3David I. YoonAncient Letters of Recommendation and 2 Corinthians 3.1-3: A Literary Analysis
12.4Stanley E. PorterThe Synoptic Problem: The State of the Question
12.5Greg StantonWealthier Supporters of Jesus of Nazareth
12.6Preston T. MasseyWomen, Talking and Silence: 1 Corinthians 11.5 and 14.34-35 in the Light of Greco-Roman Culture
12.7The Languages Of First-Century Palestine: An Introduction To Three Papers
12.8Hughson T. OngThe Language of the New Testament from a Sociolinguistic Perspective
12.9Jonathan M. WattSemitic Language Resources of Ancient Jewish Palestine
12.10Stanley E. PorterThe Use Of Greek In First-Century Palestine: A Diachronic And Synchronic Examination