Volume 13 (2017)
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13.1Zachary K. DawsonThe Books of Acts and Jubilees in Dialogue: A Literary-Intertextual Analysis of the Noahide Laws in Acts 15 and 21
13.2Craig S. KeenerWeighing T.J. Weeden’s Critique of Kenneth Bailey’s Approach to Oral Tradition in the Gospels
13.3Karl L. ArmstrongA New Plea for an Early Date of Acts
13.4Peter CresswellAnother Scribe or Another Exemplar? Examining Textual Patterns in Codex Sinaiticus Matthew and Mark
13.5Gregory GoswellThe Early Readership of the Catholic Epistles
13.6Karl L. ArmstrongThe Meaning of ὑποτάσσω in Ephesians 5.21-33: A Linguistic Approach
13.7Craig A. Evans and Stanley E. PorterA Recent Discovery in Byzantine-Era Galilee and the Problem of 'Regularized' Spelling of Koine and Byzantine Greek
13.8Adam BoothLong Live the King: The Fourth Gospel's Responses to Greco-Roman Suspicions Concerning Monarchy