Volume 6 (2009)
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6.1Jintae KimThe Concept of Atonement in the Gospel of John
6.2Craig S. KeenerHuman Stones in a Greek Setting: Luke 3.8; Matthew 3.9; Luke 19.40
6.3Erlend D. MacGillivray Re-Evaluating Patronage and Reciprocity in Antiquity and New Testament Studies
6.4Martin M. CulyDouble Case Constructions in Koine Greek
6.5Mark A. JenningsPatronage and Rebuke in Paul's Persuasion in 2 Corinthians 8-9
6.6David LincicumThe Origin of ‘Alpha and Omega’ (Revelation 1.8; 21.6; 22.13): A Suggestion
6.7Greg GoswellEarly Readers of the Gospels: The KEPHALAIA and TITLOI of Codex Alexandrinus
6.8Craig KeenerHeavenly Mindedness and Earthly Good: Contemplating Matters Above in Colossians 3.1-2
6.9Lois K. Fuller DowUnderstanding κλῆσις in the New Testament
6.10Cynthia Long WestfallBlessed Be The Ties That Bind: Semantic Domains And Cohesive Chains In Hebrews 1.1-2.4 And 12.5-8