Volume 7 (2010)
This volume is now available in print from Sheffield Phoenix Press
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7.1Craig A. SmithThe Development of Style (Fifth Century BCE to Second Century CE) and the Consequences for Understanding the Style of the New Testament
7.2Michael MeersonOne God Supreme: A Case Study of Religious Tolerance and Survival
7.3Craig S. KeenerThe Pillars and the Right Hand of Fellowship in Galatians 2.9
7.4Craig S. KeenerThe Nativity Cave and Gentile Myths
7.5Greg GoswellAncient Patterns of Reading: The Subdivision of the Acts of the Apostles in Codex Sinaiticus
7.6Jintae KimThe Concept of Atonement in the Qumran Literature and the New Covenant
7.7Nijay K. Gupta and Fredrick J. LongThe Politics of Ephesians and the Empire: Accommodation or Resistance?
7.8Craig S. KeenerNote on Athens: Do 1 Corinthians 16.15 and Acts 17.34 Conflict?
7.9Craig S. KeenerThe Plausibility of Luke's Growth Figures in Acts 2.41; 4.4; 21.20
7.10Craig S. KeenerActs 10: Were Troops Stationed in Caesarea during Agrippa's Rule?