Volume 18 (2022)
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18.1Michael KokJustin Martyr and the Authorship of Luke's Gospel
18.2Craig S. Keener and Keldie ParoschiSleepless Nights in a Greco-Roman Context
18.3Sean du ToitEthical Lists in 1 Peter
18.4Colin A. GreenPaul's Letter to Philemon: Manumission ... or What?
18.5David AllenA Model Reconstruction of What Josephus Would Have Realistically Written about Jesus
18.6Matthew J. KorpmanIs It False Testimony? Studying Luke 16.1-13 as the Rehabilitation of a Rejected Parable
18.7Prince PetersἈληθῶς Θεοῦ Υἱὸς Ἦν Οὗτος (Matthew 27.54): A Centurion’s View of Jesus through the Lens of Roman Demigods